Friends receive REI grant

Here is an excerpt from a recent REI Newsletter highlighting the grant made to Friends of Folsom Parkways:

Friends of Folsom Parkways will use REI’s grant to support volunteer participation in developing the El Dorado Trail, a new walking and bicycle path connecting the City of Folsom Trail network with other regional trails. When completed, the El Dorado Trail will connect trails from metropolitan Sacramento to trails from El Dorado County. REI funds will support volunteer efforts and will provide trail design and supplies. The project will be launched with a walk of the envisioned
trail alignment including a plant and animal survey. This will be followed in by a final trail design, trail surfacing, a trail signing and a trail appreciation hike.

Friends of Folsom Parkway’s mission is to make the citizens of Folsom aware of the parkways, raise funds for parkway development, work to educate the community on parkway issues, work to influence development proposals to the benefit of the parkways, and work to identify areas of Folsom worthy of inclusion in the parkway

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