Troop 1855 caring for the plants

Replacing Driwater Gel - Troop 1855

Watering plants E. Bidwell/Willow Creek Trail - Troop 1855

When Boy Scouts of America Folsom Unit Troop 1855 wanted to plant some trees in May of this year as part of their Adopt a Creek and Trail commitment, the City Arborist Ken Menzer agreed to it if they were also going to care for them during the summer months. Since the plants would not have irrigation system, they need once a month Driwater gel replacement and watering. Scout Owen C. agreed to take the ownership of this responsibility.

Ever since, each month Owen has been working with the city to get the Driwater gels and recruit other scouts from his troop to replace the gels and water the plants. Since there is no water outlet nearby the scouts have been using buckets to collect water from the adjacent Willow Creek and water the plants. They plan to continue this effort until the rains start in November and nature take care of the plants.

As noted in an earlier blog posting Troop 1855 ( have as part of the Adopt a Creek and Trail (ACT) program adopted Willow Creek Trail and Humbug Creek Trail segments between E. Bidwell St and Riley St. They are planning to participate in the REI day on Nov 5th to continue with their trail segment care.

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